Hamlet 0.2

2018 – Jan Decorte is returning to his legendary adaptations of Hamlet. The unconventional theatre director and author has rewritten, directed, and performed Shakespeare’s classic numerous times over the years. The iconic character’s irresolute nature continues to fascinate both Decorte and Sigrid Vinks. It is time to burrow into Hamlet’s soul… but not alone! With … Continued

Stand Down

2017 – Uncompromising vehemence. ‘Stand Down’ heralds a rupture in Jan Decorte’s oeuvre. He is leaving the classics behind, but not the great truths and mysteries that they contain. Love and death continue to be central themes. The confluence of life and art are expressed more radically than ever. He stubbornly continues to blaze his … Continued

Much Dance

2014 - Dance has often played an important part in Jan Decorte’s theatre productions. Indeed, he has worked with Charlotte Vanden Eynde (Amlett, Cirque Danton), Riina Saastamoinen (Bêt Noir), Sharon Zuckerman (Betonliebe+Fleischkrieg Medeia) and Anne Teresa De Keesmaeker (dieu& les esprits vivants). In 2010 he created his first ‘real’ dance performance, Tanzung, with Taka Shamoto … Continued